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This website is designed to assist anyone seeking information about Alcoholics Anonymous in Fife and parts of Perthshire. There are more than 40 weekly meetings in 16 different towns in our area.

Intergroup meets once every three months, and there is an annual one-day Convention. More details about each of these may be found by selecting the appropriate page from the links at the side.

Newcomers to AA are especially welcome. If you wish to seek help with your own drinking problem, then you may come to any of the indicated weekly meetings and introduce yourself. A member of AA will be pleased to look after you. Many newcomers prefer to seek information before coming to that all-important first meeting. Please read the Contact Us page for local details, or go to the Newcomers section of the national website.

If you are not an alcoholic but are looking for information, then you may find what you need via the Contact Us page. Professionals working with alcoholics and representatives of the media will each find information pages especially for them by going to the AA UK Portal.

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Alcoholics Anonymous in Fife

Please note that the Friday night Cupar meeting is now closed...Fife Annual Convention 25th May, Adam Smith Theatre, Kirckaldy

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